Hogarth: Chorus of  Singers

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Caveat lector:

"For him that stealeth this book from its owner, let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him.   
Let him be struck with palsy, and all his members blasted!"

Music, including popular and other songs

The Classical Music Archives
SCA Mediaeval and Renaissance Music Home Page
SCA Renaissance Dance Homepage
SCA Minstrel Home Page

The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft
The Whole Booke of Psalmes: With The Humnes Evangelicall, and Songs Spiritual. [...] (1621)
Modern editions of the Music of Thomas Ravenscroft

Katriana's Songbook

Cantaria -
a library of "bardic" folk songs, mostly from Ireland, Scotland, and England

Legends : [see also  http://www.joeant.com/DIR/info/get/4385/60990 ]

  1. Greek mythology
  2. Roman mythology
  3. Norse mythology
  4. Celtic mythology
  5. Native American mythology
  6. Mediaeval Legends in Ireland
  7. Arthurian legend

The Online Medieval and Classical Library
The Anthology of Middle-English Literature
Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Environmental, Wildlife and Farming

Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG)
Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Oxford
was English Nature, now Natural England

Music-notation programmes:

These have a summary page all to themselves, and from which the following details are taken:

Allegro [MakeMusic! Coda Music Technologies; see: Finale] [Macintosh & Windows]


Braille music software:


Goodfeel Braille Music Translator    “Goodfeel automatically converts several kinds of music files to Braille - the same files used to print the score for sighted players. To prepare and transcribe these files with Goodfeel, you do not need to know how to read Braille music." [William R. McCann, Dancing Dot


Toccata   “Toccata may be used to quickly produce accurate Braille music in a variety of formats, either from scanned sheet music, [from MIDI,] or from scratch, using Toccata's Notation Editor...".




International address (in English): capella


capella-scan (converts scanned-in bitmaps to capella notation files and preserves the score's layout) [in English]


Composer, by Noteworthy Artware, Inc.;  it is ShareWare, so the demo version isn't crippled; registration (eventual) is about 25.


Create sheet music from midi files (Midinotate)



a shapenote font [Weelyrd Publishing] [Macintosh & Windows]   "...a shapenote font that has the shapes for the systems used by Aiken, Funk, Walker, The New Harp of Columbia, and The Sacred Harp... . The package includes the printer and screen fonts for the postscript version, and a truetype version, templates for all shape systems set up for Finale versions 2.6.1 thru 2000, a printed Font Map showing the keystrokes needed to evoke each element of the font, and tips and hints for using Doremi with Finale to typeset shapenote music in a PDF document."
[NB, this link to Weelryd Publishinghas has ceased to work, and no trace can be found of the company.]




Harmony Assistant (Myriad Software) [Macintosh & Windows]


Melody Assistant (shareware)


OMeR (Optical Music easy Reader) ("...the printed music recognition add-on for Harmony Assistant and Melody Assistant"


Melody Player ("The freeware player for Harmony or Melody Assistant files."


Myriad Music Plug-in ("Free plug-in for your web browser. Play, display, save, transpose and print music pieces published on the web. Enables you to publish your own music scores." [Beta])


MusicEase [Windows]  details


Standard Version


MusicEase Professional


NoteWorthy Composer (NoteWorthy SoftWare, Inc.) [Windows]


NoteWorthy Composer is "a music composition and notation processor for Windows. It allows you to create, record, edit, print, and play back your own musical scores. It will import *.mid files." 


NoteWorthy Player (free) A freeware player that will load, notate, and play standard MIDI files, so it can be used a standard MIDI player. It will also load and play files created by registered users of the NoteWorthy Composer program


NoteWorthy Composer Browser Plug-in  The NoteWorthy Composer Browser Plug-in extends the capabilities of your web browser to include the display, play back and printing of *.nwc (NoteWorthy Composer) song files. NoteWorthy Composer allows you to create, record, edit, print, and play back your own musical scores. As an NWC user and web page designer, show your *.nwc song files in action on your site by embedding the song files to display in the NWC Browser Plug-in."


Sibelius [Macintosh & Windows]


Vivaldi Software (VivaldiStudio) [Macintosh & Windows]


Vivaldi Gold: "Professional notation software, intuitive and equipped with an incredible array of functions, adapted to the needs of every type of user."


Vivaldi Plus [entry-level notation software]


Vivaldi Scan


Society for Creative Anachronism
A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities